A-Game Music Video Launch

AGame Music Video Launch


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So after the long pause from the 7th to the 17th we had to make up for it? Lexxi and I went out back to back, this time it was just three of us, Meikle joined the raving. 

My friend Alex, popularly known as A-Game, was having his first music video launch and I had to go support him (plus it was his birthday.)

 My day started off normal, I had work from 8:30-5 then I went…

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3 girls, 2 drums & a shaker.
Adventure time :D

We made out, leaned up against a tree, on the beach, with Protoje playing in the background.

And when he was doing this arm push up thing, on 2 of the bars that they use to block off backstage when there’s a concert & the sweat was dripping off of hiiim


"Don’t dream your life, Live your dream."

Waaaiiiiiiiiii 😁