3 girls, 2 drums & a shaker.
Adventure time :D

We made out, leaned up against a tree, on the beach, with Protoje playing in the background.

And when he was doing this arm push up thing, on 2 of the bars that they use to block off backstage when there’s a concert & the sweat was dripping off of hiiim


"Don’t dream your life, Live your dream."

Waaaiiiiiiiiii 😁

Dwl last night was a story for the books :’)

Last Saturday was just perf; it was night, little breeze was blowing & we were cuddling on the front seat of Obi’s car…

Errybody had a spot… Cespo and I were on the front seat, Obi, Reuel & Hakeem in the van back and Chippy on the roof.

It was nice.