And when he was doing this arm push up thing, on 2 of the bars that they use to block off backstage when there’s a concert & the sweat was dripping off of hiiim


"Don’t dream your life, Live your dream."

Waaaiiiiiiiiii 😁

Dwl last night was a story for the books :’)

Last Saturday was just perf; it was night, little breeze was blowing & we were cuddling on the front seat of Obi’s car…

Errybody had a spot… Cespo and I were on the front seat, Obi, Reuel & Hakeem in the van back and Chippy on the roof.

It was nice.

As I said before, I want:
•Someone nice and warm to hug up and cry on
•a strong drink
•to get high
•joke around
…then I think I’ll feel better…

I don’t want to feel like this.
Don’t want to deal with this; these feelings.
At all.
I’ve yet to have fun since being single
& I can’t deal.
I don’t know how to act or how to be me
In a way
Don’t want to deal with this
Time is moving too fucking slow
I want my drummers to come back so they can cheer me up already.
Idk how long this friendship will last,
Cause I don’t want to be your friend.
I want to be more.
And to be less hurts
To think hurts
I just want
a clean slate?
Time to move faster ?
-Shida x